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13 November 2020 @ 03:00 am

(Deleted comment)
textmatrix on December 22nd, 2007 01:25 am (UTC)
Parts of Tokyo (Narita, Shibuya, Shinjuku etc). We'd get lost in the train system quite often. Wish I could've stayed longer!
(Deleted comment)
textmatrix on May 24th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
You're added! :D
Will vote for you for BSC!

(I'm honouring you with a v.v.v. late reply! Sorry!)
(Deleted comment)
textmatrix on May 24th, 2008 01:40 pm (UTC)
Hiya! You're added. :D
Cute username!
(Anonymous) on June 3rd, 2008 07:53 am (UTC)
Hey there, I came here from ADIML. I think. We used to be kindergarten classmates. Were you from Bukit Panjang PAP? If you were, it would be very interesting. (: Think-12 years back?
textmatrix on June 3rd, 2008 08:23 am (UTC)
Re: Hello
Woah that is so hot. Yes I am from PAP. :)
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panpeiqi on July 23rd, 2008 05:59 pm (UTC)
Friends only? ADD ME! :D
textmatrix on July 24th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
Re: Helloyou
Sure! Added. :D
paintedpatio on July 27th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)

would love to read :)
add me too?
textmatrix on July 27th, 2008 06:00 am (UTC)

Sure, you're added!
uffie13 on August 3rd, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
1. your friends only post was created on my birthday (3am some more haha)
2. my name is ha-liliah lol

thought you'd be a good read. add boleh?
textmatrix on August 4th, 2008 11:14 am (UTC)
Hi, fellow Ha-something!
(no subject) - textmatrix on August 4th, 2008 11:15 am (UTC) (Expand)
matthewstrikes on August 26th, 2008 03:15 pm (UTC)
hello, mind adding?
im into fashion photography too :)
textmatrix on August 26th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
Hey, that's nice to hear.
Added. :D
yourpetmonster on September 6th, 2008 08:08 am (UTC)
hi hafiz itz yvonne (komez) again... add me back!!

yeh i changed user. sort of. LOL
textmatrix on September 6th, 2008 08:31 am (UTC)
Yeah sure.
And your icon kinda makes Chuck look Chinese!
cursesandkisses on October 7th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
hey you@ dearest fran here. haha add me!!
sheertwilight on October 12th, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Add me!
Mind adding?
textmatrix on October 13th, 2008 11:24 am (UTC)
Re: Add me!
(Anonymous) on November 24th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
hello madonna's trwin
idk where to reply your comments!
and idk how this livejournal works too.
hey,facehunter coming singapore!!
textmatrix on November 25th, 2008 02:19 am (UTC)
Re: dinie,t4jotr
Oh yeah, sorry! Just reply at your own page, haha.
I checked and I saw! I wonder if you guys are gonna meet them.
I saw some anonymous say this :O

Anonyme Anonyme a dit...

beat this!


1:50 PM
swissarmyfries on December 4th, 2008 06:38 pm (UTC)
Are you from College east? :D

Anyhow, add me!
textmatrix on December 4th, 2008 07:29 pm (UTC)
Uh no but you were from Dunearn before, right!

Hmmm why did you add me using a selling site/shop/thingy I thought you're using the other username.
(no subject) - swissarmyfries on December 4th, 2008 07:31 pm (UTC) (Expand)
anabelleheng on December 4th, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC)

And if you're the photographer of streetsnaps, GOOD JOB! :D
textmatrix on December 5th, 2008 04:49 am (UTC)
:D That's alright.

Thanks! I should be updating more often though. I'm one of 7.
eyelikethunder on December 9th, 2008 06:41 am (UTC)
Add? You seem v. interesting :-)
textmatrix on December 9th, 2008 08:52 am (UTC)
Thanks! You're added, do remember to add me back.